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UBICA DESIGN STUDIO has a track record of more than 16 years innovating in design for the nautical sector. Formed by an innovative team of designers and naval architects, the studio brings value to brands through the design thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired over the course of more than 40 ships designed.




UBICA DESIGN STUDIO creates unique profiles and deck layouts that reflect the client's ambitions and inspirations, from the first styling studies in conjunction with the general arrangement to full on-site technical support. Meticulous attention is given to design details while placing equal emphasis on functionality.

Each detail of the layout and space is skillfully crafted and shaped. Interiors are designed to the highest standards and customized according to the clients' wishes, thus achieving a balance and harmony between interior and exterior design.


UBICA DESIGN STUDIO provides experienced naval architecture services: hull design & calculations, engineering solutions as well as supervision of construction throughout the project.


Our experienced team brings a design concept to a level of technical development suitable for building, by using modern and tested methods. Based on a general review of the concept, a strategy will be chosen to lift the project to a suitable standard for construction.

Exterior & Interior Design 


Scale models

Ideation & Conceptualization

Specification writing

Design for manufacturing

2D Technical drawings

Rendering CGI

3D CAD modeling

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